Firefighters: Mannford Wildfire 'Fairly Contained'

Friday, March 24th 2017, 6:00 pm

Firefighters say a wildfire burning west of Mannford is "fairly contained" and they think the fire should burn itself out.

Several neighbors in the area said they were outside watching as the wildfires left a trail of destruction in their neighborhood.

Greg Kennedy was just getting home when the wildfires were a few hundred feet away from his home. Usually, he would've gone out and cleared leaves and anything else in this yard that could catch fire.

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"You want to mulch them down, get them out of the yard, well, I didn't have that chance before, so all I had to do was watch and make sure that doesn't catch fire or any embers land in it," he said.

Whenever wildfires hit, people in and around Mannford think of the damage from the 2012 fire. Neighbors say it's a reminder of what kind of damage the fires can do.

"I got one dead stump right here, one right here that's from the '12 fire so it can come through at any time," Kennedy said.

By morning, firefighters said the fire was "fairly contained" and expected the remaining flames to burn out.

Kennedy finally got around to cleaning his yard, just in case another fire sparks up.

"Just taking care of all the fuel on the ground - the leaves, sticks, trying to make it as best as I can to clean up around here," he said.

Firefighters continue doing rounds to make sure all the fires are out.