Rogers County Deputies Dig Up Stolen Items After Robber Buries Them

Wednesday, October 26th 2016, 7:39 pm
By: News On 6

Rogers County Deputies brought in a backhoe to dig up stolen goods after they say a thief buried them.  

Deputies made an arrest after finding the man's cellphone at the scene of one of the crimes.

Toddy Wood and her family have visited the spot at Oolagah lake every year for 20 years.

Wood said she's never been concerned about thieves until this weekend.

"I locked the car for the first time," Wood said.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said he believes suspect Rickey Honeycutt went on a stealing spree at Spencer Creek Cove and Winganon on the lake.

He was stealing tools, chainsaws and even coolers from campsites, however, there's one thing he didn't get away with.

Walton said it was his cell phone that he dropped at the scene that led deputies right to him and the loot he'd attempted to hide.

"He'd made efforts to bury some of the items from these burglaries because he thought that the Sheriff's Office was hot on his trail and we were," Walton said. 

Deputies had to use a backhoe to dig up some of the items after they got a warrant to search the property.

"They're parasites to the community," Walton said. "They attach themselves to something that's got life and they suck all the good out of it."

Honeycutt has a lengthy criminal history involving theft, according to online court records.

"I'm glad he was caught and shame on him," Wood said. "We'll come back. This is home away from home."

Wood said she's glad she can enjoy her view now without the worry a thief is on the loose.