Former Miss Oklahoma USA Never Saw Inappropriate Behavior From Trump

Wednesday, October 19th 2016, 5:58 pm
By: News On 6

A former Miss Oklahoma USA is speaking out about the sexual misconduct allegations against Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

She said she doesn't believe them.

Caitlin Simmons Key was Miss Oklahoma USA 2007 and then went on to compete in Miss USA, which is where she said she first met Trump.
Key remembers her pageant days like they were yesterday.

"It was amazing, I had not planned on entering the pageant system, I had been an athlete for 15 years but when the opportunity came I took it, and I'm so glad that I did," she said.

Key said during her days competing in Miss USA she encountered Trump, who owned the franchise, several times.

So, she said when she heard allegations of inappropriate behavior backstage, she had to speak up.

"You have chaperones that are with you 24/7, and then backstage the only time he came back there was the night of finals with Melania and a group of other people just to congratulate us and wish us good luck, and it was not the dressing room, it was backstage," Key said.

Key said, in that instance, the women were warned ahead of time that Trump would be coming backstage.

She posted her thoughts to Facebook, where it was shared by dozens of her friends.

Key said she and other Miss USA state title holders have been contacted by national news organizations, but the conversations all ended quickly.

"When we start to give our feedback that is positive, they are done with the conversation, and they are no longer interested in talking to us," she said.

Key said she is a registered Republican and a Trump supporter, but said friends within the organization who are not, don’t believe the accusations against him either.

Some even signed a letter addressed to media outlets.

Erin: "Do you think that these women that are coming out are lying?
Key: “I think that everyone has a story to tell and whether or not I believe them is another thing…I think some specific allegations are false."

We asked Key if anyone from the Miss USA organization has asked her to speak publicly, and she said no.