Rogers County Father And Son Arrested On Drug Charges

Thursday, October 6th 2016, 7:51 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A father and son are in the Rogers County jail on drug charges and for the son, it's the second time in a month.

Deputies said the last time they arrested Jeremy Cartwright it was for drug charges and this time when he was arrested it was for more drugs, but they were at his house investigating a robbery.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said it was follow up work from a task force of deputies that led to three more arrests connected a drug ring.

"It brings a lot of satisfaction to see individuals like this incarcerated," Walton said. 

Investigators said Jeremy Cartwright was identified by a robbery victim in Chelsea as the man who kicked in his door and chased him out of his own house with a knife.

Jeremy's father, Bruce, was identified as the second man at the robbery and pulled out a gun.

Deputies arrested Jeremy Cartwright at a house and said he came out with a machete when they arrived with a search warrant.

They said Cartwright's dog helped them find this marijuana plant behind the house.

A few miles away, deputies found Bruce Cartwright and Rebecca Ford. 

Ford was arrested on a drug complaint when they found a drug pipe in the living room.

Now, all three are in the Rogers County jail with the Cartwrights facing the extra complaints of having weapons during the robbery.

"It all just fits into the lifestyle of those that don't work and do steal and grow dope and it's a thug lifestyle," Walton said. 

While the sheriff said it's not unusual to arrest the same person repeatedly for the same crimes, he hopes this time, they've stopped the escalation of the crimes.