STEM Booth Provides Educational Fun At Tulsa State Fair

Sunday, October 2nd 2016, 5:53 pm

When you're at the Tulsa State Fair you're probably not thinking about math, unless you're adding up how much money you're spending.

But science, math, engineering and technology are all making their mark on the fairgrounds to give kids an educational experience.

In one specific corner of the Expo Center at the Tulsa State Fair, kids aren’t eating cotton candy or waiting for the Ferris wheel, they’re building.

"The challenges with the blocks is you have to balance them," 10-year-old Tanner Quintana said.

One activity for kids includes using seven shapes to complete a design.

"They don't realize they're actually having to work,” said Sabrina Bevins with the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance. “They think they're having fun, but they're using their minds to come up with a solution."

And it seems to be working.

Seven-year-old Chandi Hinds said, "It's kinda hard because you just have to think, and probably use your imagination."

Bevins said the creativity is the goal.

"We are looking to encourage and cultivate the next generation of innovators," she said.

One thing we can count on from the group of future of innovators is that they’ll always be sure to have fun.

All of the STEM activities are free, and the booth can be found in the lower level of the Expo Center.