Warrant Issued For Chouteau Woman Accused Of Making Her Daughter Sick

Wednesday, September 28th 2016, 6:28 pm
By: News On 6

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a Chouteau woman accused of making her daughter sick.

Caitlin Lewis even claimed her daughter was dead when she wasn't, police said. 

Munchausen By Proxy is when a parent fakes an illness for their child or even causes their child to be sick over and over because they want attention or sympathy. 

Under the law, it's considered child abuse and it's a felony.

Police investigators said that's what Lewis did to her daughter for the first three years of her life.

They said she took her daughter to at least a dozen clinics and hospitals, saying the girl had seizures.

They said in June, nurses at a Tulsa hospital caught Lewis giving drugs to her daughter.

Records show Lewis told a DHS worker, she did it because she didn't think the hospital staff was treating her daughter properly.

Police said at one point Lewis told a friend her daughter had died and she needed a ride to the funeral home so the friend picked up Lewis and on the way there, Lewis said she needed to stop at a convenience store. 

The friend pulled in and Lewis walked inside, but, never returned. They said the friend got suspicious and called the funeral home and they said no funeral was planned.

Police said they gave the child's thousands of pages of medical records to a child abuse pediatrician who determined, there was nothing wrong with the little girl.

"It's frightening and kind of sickening to put a three-year-old through that," said TPD Child Crisis Corporal Mark Kraft. "Doctors poking and prodding you when there's nothing wrong with you."

In addition to the felony warrant in Tulsa, a felony warrant was issued in Mayes County for Lewis. The Mayes County warrant states that Lewis was accused of taking painkillers from a nursing home where she worked.

Police said Lewis's daughter is now with her father and not sick or on medications and is doing very well.