Groups March To Honor Terence Crutcher

Saturday, September 24th 2016, 3:51 pm
By: Emory Bryan

While the family of Terence Crutcher prepared for the funeral, demonstrators marched downtown.

The downtown rally was peaceful from beginning to end, starting with a gathering at the Center of the Universe, then, a march across downtown.

The ACLU organized  the largest group with people from Oklahoma City, Tulsa and as far away as Memphis.

Brady Henderson with the ACLU said, “We are all human beings, and everybody matters. And folks, even though Officer Shelby has not been charged with manslaughter, that is the start of a process, not the end of it.”

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More than 100 people listened as speakers called for justice, which many people defined as jail time for Officer Betty Shelby.

Tulsan, Akono Albey said, “She should have to do some type of time - four years is not enough.”

"I'm not up here to say what she needs to get, but anytime a black person or a black life or any life that matters is slain by a policeman, unrightfully and unlawfully, something needs to be done about it," said Kourtur Tolbert.

The crowd was diverse with about as many white people as black people in the march and at the rally.

“To show that racism is an issue that affects black lives, white lives, all of us, it's harmful to all of us,” Tulsan Katy Launius said.

A second group, from an Oklahoma City church, gathered by the bus station Saturday.

They were here because of the Crutcher shooting, but they also said they oppose the Black Lives Matter movement, because they don't like the diversity that's developed within it.

Despite some of these opposing forces being near each other, the police department kept everyone apart with barricades. 

There was no indication of any problems during the two demonstrations downtown.

Several groups including, Black Lives Matter, ACLU Oklahoma, We The People Oklahoma and Amnesty International said in a statement the intent of the march was peaceful.