We The People Oklahoma Pleased With Charges In Crutcher Shooting

Thursday, September 22nd 2016, 10:46 pm
By: News On 6

We The People Oklahoma continued rallying for justice following the death of Terence Crutcher.

Organizers said they’re pleased that charges were filed against Officer Betty Shelby.

Thursday night’s planned rally in front of City Hall changed its theme following formal charges being brought against Shelby.

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Marq Lewis with We The People Oklahoma said, "Today we stand here victorious. Day 6. We have a charge."

We The People Oklahoma drew a large crowd, calling for action and policy changes from city leaders.

"It just feels good that we have people being peaceful, and it feel good that we're not trying to cause any chaos, cause a riot. We're trying to be peaceful as possible, but, at the same time it takes time to heal," Trevon McLemore said.

Not all agree with Officer Shelby's first-degree manslaughter charge, however.

McLemore said, "To me, honestly, it's a letdown to see it, but if some justice happens, I'll take it."

Now the legal process is moving forward.

"I still think she deserves a trial,” Melinda Webster said. “This is a country where you deserve to have a trial, whether or not you did good or bad, that's why we live here."

Organizers feel a lot has been accomplished this week.

Lewis said, “Please understand it takes a collective as all of us are, so I believe that tonight Tulsa will sit down and rest and say that our government got it right."