Andre Harris Family Hopes Their Experience Helps Crutchers

Wednesday, September 21st 2016, 7:21 pm
By: News On 6

As the Terence Crutcher case gains momentum, for some people in Tulsa, it brings back memories of the Eric Harris Case.

Eric Harris' family said they hope their experience helps the Crutcher family.

Even though the circumstances surrounding the Harris and Crutcher case are different, Eric Harris' brother and son said the emotions the family feels will be very similar.

Aiden Fraley is Eric Harris's son. 

His father died nearly two years ago after Tulsa County reserve deputy Bob Bates shot him.

Fraley said he knows how Terence Crutcher's four children feel.

"I was Eric's only son so it hurt me a lot so if there are four children that are without a father, it's gonna really hurt," Fraley said. 

Now he lives with his uncle Andre Harris and that's helping him a lot. 

He said Crutcher's children should draw strength from their family too.

"If they stay strong they'll get through it," Fraley said. 

Andre says experiencing his brother's death and the legal process to the conviction of Bob Bates took a lot out of him.

"We were going through so many different emotions sadness anger. just so many emotions we couldn't quite figure out," Harris said. 

He says the Crutcher's community support will help. 

But so will their connections with police and city leaders. 

"I really do think it'll be a little bit different because of the transparency. And because they've seen what happened to the sheriff's department I don't think they want that to happen to the TPD," Harris said. 

Harris said many felt the impact of Eric's death. 

Crutcher may have felt it too. 

He says the sadness doesn't go away, and neither does the fear. 

Even now his nephew asks how to protect himself.

It's an answer he doesn't have yet.

"Many tough months ahead," Harris said. "And the healing process will be over after the killings stop."

The officer who shot and killed Terence is still on administrative leave as the Department of Justice continues its investigation.