Tulsa Gym Helping Veterans Get Fit For Free

Sunday, September 18th 2016, 2:56 pm
By: Tess Maune

A Tulsa gym is making it easier for veterans and emergency responders to stay in shape. Fitness Together is giving away free memberships - with your help.

The American Flag hangs proudly inside the gym Fitness Together as a sign of support for Dave Burlin who served as a corporal in the Marines. 

"I was actually deployed when 9/11 happened, said veteran Dave Burlin. "Fitness is something that's huge in any branch of service. The Marines was definitely tough."
Life after service has been slower paced, but Burlin's working to get back in shape.
"It's a challenge," he said.
And because he's a veteran, he's getting to do that for free at Fitness Together.
The gym rolled out its "Get One, Give One" campaign just last week. The deal is for every new member who signs up at Fitness Together, a veteran, law enforcement officer or emergency responder gets a free membership.  
Michael Watkins, who owns the Jenks-Riverside and downtown locations, says it's his way of saying thanks.
"They've done so much for us, and continue to - their families do," Watkins said. "It's the least we could do: give back a little bit."
Burlin says the group training sessions are giving him more than just a good workout. He says the gym gives him clarity.
"It can be very therapeutic," said Marines veteran Dave Burlin. "If we're at our peak performance physically, then a lot of times we're at our peak performance mentally."
Bur more than anything, it gives him a sense of belonging, like in the military.
"Because we are going through physical challenges together, there's a connectivity that really helps bond us together," he said.

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