Woman Killed In Catoosa Rollover Wreck

Friday, September 16th 2016, 7:25 am
By: Joseph Holloway

A woman is dead in a rollover wreck in Catoosa. Catoosa emergency crews responded to the scene of deadly wreck on 193rd East Avenue between 11th and Admiral.

Early reports indicate the driver was northbound around 5:30 a.m. when she went off the road into a drainage ditch before hitting an electrical pole. The pole snapped from the impact.

Catoosa resident Anthony Coleman said he called police after the wreck. He's an electrical contractor and said it takes quite a bit of force to break a pole like that.

"My roommate was woke up by the sound," he said. "I saw the electrical pole down there smoking from the transformers, and at the time, I couldn't tell what it was. 

"It was too dark."

The road was shut down for several hours first for the wreck clean up and then to replace the pole. 

Public Service of Oklahoma worked to replace the pole, warning that there could be temporary power loss as the work was completed.

The woman's Lexus SUV was towed from the scene around 7 a.m. The impact was so great, it left pieces of her car along the street.

Fire crews used the jaws of life to get her out of the car. Catoosa Police said she died at the scene.

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