Tulsa Fraud Victim Wants Justice After Several Trial Delays

Thursday, September 15th 2016, 7:12 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa woman wants to know why her case against a contractor accused of fraud is taking so long to be resolved.

The District Attorney's Office filed charges in April 2015, but since then there have been 14 different delays. So now, 18 months later, the victim wants to know where's the justice?

Vicky Simon said she paid Mickey Cheatham nearly $10,000 to work on her home.

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"Horrible, horrible work. What he did do and then basically, took a bunch of money and ran," Simon said.

At the time, an affidavit showed Cheatham had four felony warrants for fraud, had been sued 30 times in small claims court for breach of contract and had an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

After News On 6 aired stories with additional victims, the DA charged Cheatham in Simon's case.

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The case is now set for next month, and she hopes it happens this time.

"I know I'll never get money back from him, I don't expect that, never dreamed that would happen; but he does need to face some consequences," she said.

Simon would like him to get jail time, but she isn't holding out much hope since it is a white collar crime, but she does want him to stop.

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Simon said, “If it even saves one victim from going through this, being taken to the cleaners like I did, it'll be worth it."

The DA's office said if a judge postpones a case over and over, there's nothing they can do.

The judge said he postponed the case so many times because Cheatham's attorney is also trying to resolve a case he has in Wagoner County; he was charged with felony fraud there, just three months after Simon's case.