Weather, Uninsured Drivers Big Reasons For High OK Insurance Rates

Wednesday, September 14th 2016, 10:24 pm
By: News On 6

Once again, Oklahoma ranks at the top among states for high car insurance, but it’s not necessarily crashes driving our high premiums.

In fact, a new study shows major weather events - like high winds and hail are factors when it comes to determining the cost of our car insurance.

But the biggest driving force behind the high costs is the number of Oklahomans with no car insurance.

Insuring a car in Oklahoma is expensive. The Zebra - an insurance comparison website - says the Sooner State is the third most expensive state for car insurance.

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Deputy insurance commissioner, Mike Rhoads said, "How do you combat that, how do you manage that?"

He said you start by maintaining a good driving record, consider increasing your deductible and shop around each year for the lowest premium.

"It will ensure that you get the best coverage for the premium dollar that you pay," Rhoads said.

But some factors you can't escape, like damaging weather. Rhoads said that is also a “driver of premium costs here in Oklahoma.”

In the Tulsa metro area, the top 10 most expensive zip codes for car insurance are all above $2,300 each year. Two of the top three are in north Tulsa, and the most expensive one is the Brady Arts District.

Driving up the premiums are credit history and frequency of accidents, but mostly, uninsured drivers; numbers show at least one out of every four drivers does not have insurance.

"You have to drive defensively because you know that, that driver next to you more than likely may not have insurance," Rhoads said.

The deputy insurance commissioner said 25 to 30 percent of drivers have no insurance. He said people will get insurance for a month, legally get their license and registration, then, let the policy lapse after 30 days.

Then, if they get in a crash, Rhoads said, “They make these insurance premiums rise for everybody else."

The state has passed laws to go after drivers with no insurance - police can even take your tags if you have none, and you can only get them back by showing proof of insurance.