Tulsa Locals Create Ride-Sharing Service

Saturday, September 10th 2016, 11:47 pm
By: News On 6

Ride-sharing services are the new popular way to get around town. You just pull out your smartphone, drop a pin and a driver is minutes away.

Most people in Tulsa use Uber and Lyft, but now there's TRIDE.

“We're not a $70 billion company or anything at this point, we're just two guys in Tulsa," said TRIDE Co-owner Mack Parks.

Owners Parks and Blake Litton started their company after they got frustrated with another ridesharing app.

“We were talking about things that could be better, things that weren't really needed, things that would just make the overall experience better for everybody," explained Parks.

TRIDE's app allows for users to place reservations on rides and enter comments to drivers.

The owners promise no one will experience "surge pricing" during peak ride times.

Drivers also like the app.

“It's just a nice feeling,” said TRIDE Driver Joe Desrosiers. “You're something and somebody rather than just a number for a company."

Parks and Litton spent many sleepless nights getting their service started and headquartered in Tulsa.

“This is our home base,” said Litton. “I'm born and raised here. We're local guys. The money will stay in the community. Support local and that's our motto."

TRIDE hopes to expand to OKC, Stillwater and Lawton later this month.

“I hope it really takes off,” stated Desrosiers. “I can't see any reason why it shouldn't."