Tulsa Boy Says Man Tried To Grab Him At Bus Stop

Monday, August 29th 2016, 12:10 pm
By: News On 6

A child is safe after breaking away from a would-be kidnapper early Monday morning.

Police say the man offered the 9-year-old candy before grabbing him.

The child planned on walking to his bus stop near 31st and 129th with his friend but ended up missing the bus.

Luckily, when the man grabbed him, the child managed to escape.

Around 7:00 Monday morning, police say a possible child predator shook up a 9-year-old boy's bus routine.

Damita Kinard with the Tulsa Police Department said, "The little boy never mentioned seeing a vehicle. He said the guy was just there and said ‘hey, you want some candy?’ The little guy thought it was strange and next you know he was being grabbed."

Police said the boy, who is a student at Rosa Parks Elementary School, planned to meet his friend so they could walk to the bus stop together, but the friend wasn't there.

Police said that's when the boy said a man in his 40s, wearing a white puffy coat and beanie hat showed up.

"Just terrifying, and my heart goes out to the parents who are dealing with that today," said Alia Edwards, who lives a few blocks from the near abduction site.

Edwards’ child is 18, but she still worries about the safety of young children.

"The thing you want to know when you're on your way to work is your child is safely arrived at school, so I had the privilege to see that happen more often than not," she said.

Kinard said it's important for parents to hone their children's instincts in unsafe situations.

As for this child, it may have saved him.

"When they feel uneasy about something take action immediately. It's OK to say, ‘No, don't come near me,’ or run, it's OK," Kinard said.

She said parents should walk their children to the bus stop, but, if that's not an option, make sure children walk in a group and always know your child's route.

Police say it's important to report any little occurrence to police; because, although an abduction didn't happen this time, it's something all parents need to know about.

We looked into similar claims in Tulsa County, near Bixby, where a parent used a Facebook post to warn of someone in a suspicious car offering rides to children around the Hickory Hills neighborhood.

School resource officers, Bixby police and the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said they haven't received any reports like that.