Tulsa Woman Arrested For Stabbing Husband, Burning His Clothes

Monday, August 29th 2016, 8:26 am
By: Joseph Holloway

Tulsa Police say a man is recovering after his wife stabbed him twice then set his clothes on fire. Police responded to a stabbing call at the Metroplex Apartments around 11:45 Sunday night.

Officers saw a man had been stabbed in the arm and back with a pair of scissors. While he was being treated by EMSA, officers tried to get in touch with the suspect inside the apartment.

They saw her pile his clothes and set them on fire. Officers forced their way into the apartment, arresting the man's wife, 42-year-old Carissa Coburn, and putting the fire out.

Police said the victim and his wife got into an argument about something that happened earlier in the evening. As the husband walked away, officers said Coburn charged at him with the scissors.

"Maybe she was that upset with him and, you know, at that point, she thought maybe I don't have anything to lose," said Officer Leland Ashley, Tulsa Police.

Police say violence between couples can be some of the most bizarre cases they cover.

"You'll be surprised how petty some of these domestics are, and it's a real small-scale deal - but it means something to both parties or to one individual that you and I would think is really not a big deal," Ashley said.

Ashley said Coburn didn't really communicate with police though an officer indicated in a report he thought he heard her laugh when he was trying to speak to her.

Coburn was arrested on complaints of assault with a deadly weapon and first-degree arson. Her husband was treated for non-life threatening injuries.