Bond Set For Broken Arrow Woman Accused Of Killing Ex-Husband, Staging Scene

Friday, August 26th 2016, 4:27 pm
By: News On 6

A judge set bond for a woman accused of murdering her ex-husband then staging the scene to make it look like a suicide.

The victim’s family is frustrated, especially after the judge denied the bond Thursday. But Friday, the judge said bond for Judith Nix, 69, at $250,000, saying the law gave him no choice.

Prosecutors say Nix shot her ex-husband then waited 14 hours before calling 911 and tried to stage it to look like a suicide.

Ken Nix's family says they miss him every day.

"He was very funny, liked to tell jokes, loved his animals, loved working on cars," said Ken Nix’s daughter-in-law, Nicole Nix.

When police arrested Judith Nix in March for the murder, they never dreamed she would get out on bond before her trial - a trial that could be months, even years away.

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Nicole said, "No, it doesn't seem right that we are the victims and she gets to go out and do whatever she wants and we have to keep one eye open every night."

Prosecutors argued Nix could be a flight risk and asked for a $500,000 bond, but her attorney argued she has no criminal history, has battered woman's syndrome and this is a case of self-defense and asked for $50,000.

Defense attorney, Paul DeMuro said, “This woman is not going anywhere. She took no steps to flee, she wants to show up and have her day in court."

The judge says without evidence she is a danger to society or a flight risk, the law requires him to set bond, which he did, at $250,000.

He also ordered Judith Nix to turn in her passport, wear a GPS monitor, have a curfew, stay in Tulsa County, have no guns and stay away from Ken Nix's family.

Nicole says it doesn't feel the system focuses on victims.

"It's very hard,” she said. “As you can see, I'm an emotional roller coaster right now."

Judith Nix's attorney said he doesn't know if she can make bond, since her $350,000 home is in foreclosure, her other home is tied up in litigation and her BMW was repossessed.

He said she receives $1,500 a month in social security.