Sand Springs Business Owner: Thief Charged Thousands To Account

Tuesday, August 23rd 2016, 8:10 pm
By: News On 6

A Sand Springs business owner discovered thousands of dollars’ worth of heating and air supplies were charged to his account.

Now he’s worried it could happen to someone else.

Porter Heat and Air is a small family-owned business out of Sand Springs. The owner, John Porter, says a thief posed as him and charged over $4,500 on his account.

Porter works hard to support his family, and when he learned a thief charged thousands of dollars in his name, he couldn't believe it.

“A whole lot of money for me,” he said. "It kind of gave me a shock."

When he first went into business, Porter opened up accounts at both Locke Supply and Jackson Supply in Tulsa.

A few days ago, he opened up his email to find an invoice from Locke Supply in Oklahoma City for over $2,300 of supplies he never purchased and at a location he's never been to.

Porter said, "A red flag should have come up, and they didn't check nothing."

Porter showed us surveillance photos he got from Locke Supply. He said a man went up to the counter and said he was John Porter, then, charged A/C units, tools and other supplies on Porter's account.

Surveillance photos showed the man driving off with a trailer full of items, and the bill left for Porter to pay.

Porter’s received two other invoices from Jackson Supply for items he says he never bought. He hopes there aren't anymore.

He said he is filing a police report and hoping the thief will be caught soon.

Locke Supply isn't making Porter pay for the fraudulent charges, but he's still working with the other company to get those cleared up.