Tulsa DA: Jabara Family Did Everything They Needed To Do

Friday, August 19th 2016, 7:39 pm
By: News On 6

Police released the 911 call made by the Jabara family after their son was gunned down on his front porch in south Tulsa last week.

And documents from a May bond hearing shed new information about the conflict between the Jabara family and accused killer, their neighbor, Vernon Majors.

The 911 call is heartbreaking, as a father reports his son was shot. The family said there was a long history with Majors, and the district attorney tried to keep him in jail in May, saying he was dangerous.

You can hear the fear in Mounah Jabara's voice last Friday after he found his son shot in front of their home.

“He shot him! He shot him,” he says.

Eventually, a neighbor gets on the phone.

"Please hurry, please hurry," the neighbor says. "I didn't see him shoot him but he threatened our other neighbors."

The neighbor they're referring to is Majors.

The Jabara family says the shooting was the tragic result of years of harassment starting back in 2013.

Majors and the Jabara family, both taking out protective orders, until September of last year when Majors was arrested for hitting Haifa Jabara with his car and violating the protective order she had against him.

That incident led to a bond hearing in May.

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There, the DA asked that Majors have either no bond or a higher bond of $300,000 - neither of those requests were granted. Instead, the judge set it to double the original amount to $60,000.

The district attorney's office and the judge acknowledged the risk, stating over and over concern, but Majors still made bail.

Erin: “They feel as if somewhere in the system, the system failed the Jabara family. In your opinion, do you feel that way?”
Steve Kunzweiler: “I've said, you know, for a family to be expressing exactly what you tell them to, tell us what's going on, educate us, let us know and we'll see what we can do, they did everything that they knew they needed to do. Now, the flip side of this is, the one factor that I, nor you, nor anybody else can control and that’s the human factor. Even though you may be doing everything right, I think we ought to re-evaluate just to verify that there's not anything else we could be doing."

The shooting is still under investigation, but the DA's office does anticipate filing charges.