Suspects Bail From Stolen Car After Tulsa Police Chase

Monday, August 15th 2016, 9:12 am
By: Dave Davis

Tulsa police are still looking for several people who ran from a suspected stolen car after a brief police chase and crash overnight near 71st and Lewis. They say the people in that reported stolen car bailed out at 73rd and Lewis.

Witness accounts don't match up as far as the number of people in the car and in which direction they ran.

Police said an officer ran a car tag at 55th and Lewis that came back stolen. When they tried to pull the vehicle over around midnight, the driver sped off. Officers gave chase briefly but when they pulled back from the pursuit, the car continued on.

They said the car ran another driver off the road. She had to be checked by paramedics because her head hit her window.

Eventually police found the car at 73rd and Lewis. It had been crashed into a curb and couldn't be driven anymore. The people inside were gone.

Officers used a K9 tracker to try and find the people who ran from the car, but those people got away.