Police Investigating After Shooting Victim Dies Outside Tulsa QuikTrip

Wednesday, August 10th 2016, 7:46 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa detectives questioned five people after a man was shot outside a home and taken for help to a convenience store Wednesday morning.

Tulsa emergency crews responded to 11th and Garnett after reports of a wounded person showing up at a QuikTrip. They tried to save the man as he lay on the ground outside the store.

Despite their efforts, he died of his wounds. Police told News On 6 the man was brought to the store in the back of a pickup.

"This individual was attempting to do CPR prior to EMSA getting here," said Officer Leland Ashley.

The shooting took place near 4th and Garnett, according to police. Officers at that scene said a man heard gunfire, went outside and found the shooting victim in the driveway of a home.

That man, who is being called a Good Samaritan, put him in the truck and went for help. He later took police back to the shooting location.

"In any homicide, we have to work backwards because, nine times out of 10, we're not going to be there when it happens, so we're working backwards at this point," Ashley said.

Tulsa police surrounded the home and warned neighbors to go back in their homes. Authorities made entry around 8:15 a.m. and took five people in for questioning.

Officers told News On 6 they don't know if the man was shot inside or outside the home. They don't know what connection the victim has to the house or the people taken in for questioning.

No reports of any weapons being found at this time.

At least two neighbors report there has been a lot of in-and-out traffic at the home in recent days.

"I knew there was something wrong with the man laying down in the back of that pickup, and they were zooming through here," said neighbor Gregg Carpenter. "I thought, well, there's something that gone wrong down there."

Carpenter said he tells his daughter to avoid the area because he was suspicious of all the activity.

Police continue to investigate. They have not released any information about the victim.