Grove Couple Opens Sugar-Free Candy Store

Tuesday, August 9th 2016, 8:53 pm
By: News On 6

What do you do if you have diabetes and a sweet-tooth?

The sugar-free selection in most stores is limited or non-existent; but, a husband and wife in Grove have opened a candy store where everything is sugar-free.

On the highway coming into Grove, inside a store called Rustic Rehab, is Oklahoma's one and only - at least as far as we can tell - exclusively sugar-free candy store.

"The first week we sold out of six candies. We actually had to put in an emergency order to replenish," Robert Kuningas said.

Robert and his wife, Joannie, have done the little project on their own nickel.

"We have either refurbished, or rehabbed, or built it ourselves," he said.

They found some display cases online, repurposed some wood pallets and done all the decorating.

It’s not just some wild idea; it's born out of medical necessity.

Robert said, "I take five shots a day for diabetes."

His daughter is diabetic, and his father died of it at age 49. And, like so many people, he's got a sweet-tooth.

They've done their research and found dozens of sugar-free candies.

Robert: "We've got everything from eucalyptus, like a cough drop, to lemon drops, to peppermints," he said.

They got sour candies, sugar-free chocolates are coming, and they have found lots of special holiday candies.

"We found sugar-free Peeps," he said.

They also found a sugar-free mix for cotton candy and plan to rent a cotton candy machine to try it out.