Tulsa Crews Start Storm Debris Pick Up

Monday, July 25th 2016, 8:11 am

The big clean up is underway after strong winds and pounding rain hit northeast Oklahoma July 14th. Crews started around 7 a.m. near 41st and Riverside in Tulsa. The project is expected to take 45 to 60 days, and they'll be working six days a week, over 10 hours a day.

They're asking everyone to put only green waste, not other trash, in your pile. They want you to put that brush pile within four feet of your curb, and not to cover up utilities like fire hydrants, electrical and cable boxes or water meters.

This is free, and if you've already called for a bulky waste pickup within the area, the city says this collection will cover you.

Back in April, the city did a similar pick up in north Tulsa after tornado damage. It took crews a couple of weeks to pick up everything curbside.

This time around, they'll be picking up green waste in an area that's about 10 times larger than that. The City of Tulsa will update their website every week showing the progress they've made and where they're going next. 

City of Tulsa 

The collection boundary runs from 41st Street to the city limits south and east. If you're outside this area, and think the city should pick up your green waste, call the city's trash hotline at 918-596-9777.