U.S. Trampolinist Overcomes Adversity To Make It To Rio

Saturday, July 23rd 2016, 8:36 pm
By: News On 6

U.S. Olympic trampolinist Logan Dooley began his journey to the national level at a young age.

"I jumped on my parent's bed until I broke it, and at 7 years old they bought me a trampoline for the backyard,” he said. “After that, I started learning some crazy stuff and my parents wanted me to be safe, so they went to the local yellow pages."

Dooley, who's currently in Tulsa coaching at the USA Gymnastics Stars and Stripes Competition at the Convention Center, didn't dream of being an Olympian.

But in 2000, the Olympics added trampoline as an event and a 13-year-old Logan got his wish. 

"One of my teammates at the time was the female Olympian for the U.S. and the only Olympian for the U.S. Training with her and growing up with her made it that much more obtainable," he stated.

But the road to the Olympics didn't come without adversity.

Dooley has suffered multiple patella injuries and one knee surgery. He also barely missed out on an Olympic spot.

"It takes a lot of dedication and time,” he said. “This is my third go at the Olympics. I've been the Olympic alternate in 2008 and 2012. It made that desire to work and earn that spot even greater."

This past year, he experienced a breakthrough. With the U.S. getting one spot in Olympics, he won first place at the U.S. Olympic Trials and the spot on the Olympic team.  

Only 16 men in the world participate in trampoline, and Logan is one of them. 

And after all the hard work, nothing, not even the Zika Virus that's kept other potential Olympians away, will prevent Dooley from making this trip.

"I think the Olympics is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I don't think that anyone would give up their right to be an Olympian,” he added. “We can't live in fear. We got to get out there and do what we love to do."