Video Captures Man Holding Suspected Golf Club Thief At Gunpoint

Thursday, July 14th 2016, 9:29 pm
By: News On 6

A man is out of jail, on bond, after being accused of stealing golf clubs.

Police took the suspect into custody, but not before the owner of the clubs found the man first and held him at gunpoint; the whole thing was caught on tape.

"Get on the ground. Lay down, get on the ground now. You better do it, you better do it. You just stole my golf clubs," you hear in the video.

John Felix started recording on his cell phone after hearing arguing and fighting in a shopping strip near 71st and Mingo.

“From his face and the way he acted, he did seem guilty, but that doesn't mean you put a gun into his face," Felix said.

The video shows an angry gray-haired man threatening to shoot Devon Montgomery.

Police say surveillance cameras caught Montgomery stealing the man's golf clubs from LaFortune Park.

The owner of the clubs drove to area golf stores to see if his clubs had been sold.

Officer Jeane MacKenzie said, "As he pulls into the parking lot, he sees the suspect with his golf clubs negotiating with another person in the parking lot."

The video shows the owner holding the gun on Montgomery and repeatedly telling him to get on the ground. Eventually, a witness, Gene Potter, steps in to calm things down.

The video shows him on the phone with police while holding Montgomery down.

"I just held him down and said, ‘You gotta stay here, if you get up he's gonna shoot you.’ Cause the man was so out of control. He was really out of control," Potter said.

The video ends before police arrested Montgomery.

The man who recorded the video is shocked police didn’t arrest both men.

Police said the man with the gun is licensed to carry.

The law says you can only use deadly force to protect a life, not property; but police say it’s not clear yet if the man feared for his life, so, unless a complaint is filed against him, he won't face charges.