Glenpool Storm Damage Widespread; Officials Thankful School Wasn't In Session

Thursday, July 14th 2016, 7:42 pm

The most important thing to report is no one in Glenpool was hurt in Thursday’s storm.

But severe weather certainly brought a lot of potential for injury -- all sorts of debris was blown around, like a gas vent we found.

And of course, the roof at the middle school -- part of it blew on the ground, and part of another big chunk ended up on the enrollment center building.

The superintendent says three people were inside when the storm hit.

He says several employees were inside the middle school, on the opposite end of where the damage was.

The superintendent says employees throughout the district found a safe place to take cover when the sirens went off.

He says things could have been much worse, especially if school had been in session.

"I'm glad we did not have students in here today and we're very fortunate in that,” superintendent Jerry Olansen said.

Inside, the superintendent says there's a lot of water damage.

Teachers have already been here to get some of their things out of damaged classrooms.

School starts in Glenpool on Aug. 17, and the superintendent said the restoration company is confident it can get everything cleaned up and ready so the start date doesn't have to be bumped.

In one yard, two vehicles were pinned under a tree and another was under a fallen carport.

“Terrible. In my opinion it is terrible. All this area, it is one heck of a mess, ya know,” Glenpool resident Walter Burris said.

Right now, power is out in Glenpool, so a lot of people are out driving around to see the damage.

The city would prefer residents not do that because there are so many power lines down and roads blocked.