Tulsa Church Appalled Sign Rearranged To Racial Slur

Sunday, July 10th 2016, 12:02 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

A Tulsa church wants to know why someone would vandalize its sign. All Souls Unitarian Church on Peoria put a message on its sign which says "Praying For Dallas, Black Lives Matter."

On Saturday, the pastor got a call from a member, who told her someone had rearranged letters to create a racial slur against African Americans.

"We're saddened and appalled, and shocked that somebody would do that on church property at this time when we're trying to pull together as a community and not be so polarized," Rev. Barbara Prose said.

The church wasted no time in restoring its message they say is intended to represent peace and hope. 

"There was a racial slur on the front lawn of our multi-racial church, in the midst of people's despair and anger and confusion and fear," Prose said. "Members of our congregation are black and are white, are police officers and are regular citizens, so it's something we work for every day - coming together."

She says the best way to move forward from the vandalism, and from last week's events, is simply to have services as usual.

Plans for the services began two weeks ago. The topics are: fighting for justice through love, and what church leaders call "dismantling white supremacy."

"It's synchronistic or "a God thing" that we were already going to address this topic," Prose said. "And unfortunately now there are these multiple tragedies that are reinforcing the importance of having these conversations."

"Just their message will just help invigorate and calm... be able to be a calming, as well as a rallying cry to where we can move forward," church member James Morton said.

Something church members say  they plan to do together.