Animal Welfare Food Trucks Help Tulsans In Need Feed Hungry Pets

Wednesday, July 6th 2016, 7:21 pm
By: Emory Bryan

People from here and from all over the country are helping out pets that live with Tulsa's homeless by buying food to give away.

A line of people wait outside Iron Gate for breakfast every morning; but on Wednesdays, there's a second line, waiting for two food trucks from animal welfare, loaded with dog and cat food.

It's for the homeless and the poor, who don't have money to feed their animals.

“I've got a bunch of cats and dogs and it's kind of hard to feed ‘em all, so this kind of helps out,” Jim Nibel said.

The City backs the program, but it got started because of a trend noticed by animal control officer Jeff Brown.

“I ended up seeing a lot of homeless people and a lot of people had dogs, so I was wondering - how do they get food for their animal,” he said.

That led to Brown and Pete Theriot handing out about 100 bags of food every Wednesday, more at another stop Thursday nights, and whenever they come across someone who looks like they need it. They give out about three tons of food a month, in one-gallon bags, so it's easy to carry.

“Everything is donated to our cause, feeding the pets. We just bag it all up. We repackage everything,” Brown said.

The program offers vaccinations and supplies, like collapsible dog bowls, but the main is simply making sure pets are well fed, even the ones owned by the poor.

"Wasn't for these guys, I don't know. There's a lot of people got dogs and no way to feed ‘em," Willy Hoskins said.

You can learn more about the effort here. They also have an Amazon wishlist you can check out.