Thieves Cut Grass, Steal Lawn Mower, Tulsa Roommates Say

Friday, July 1st 2016, 7:17 pm
By: News On 6

Three south Tulsa women say thieves stole their lawn mower but cut the grass first.

It happened in a neighborhood near 91st and Sheridan. The victims said they’re upset someone stole their lawn mower but are very confused about why they cut the grass.

Casey Busch and Katherine Kilpatrick have never known crime to happen in their south Tulsa neighborhood, but on Thursday, their home was targeted in a peculiar way.

Busch said she pulled onto the street when she spotted two men at their home.

"There were two guys lurking out near our trash cans and back gate," she said. "As I kept driving, I was like, someone mowed our lawn."

Confused, she called her roommates to make sure no one hired a lawn service.

"I didn't know who they were, and my first thought is ‘I don't want to pay them 20 bucks because we mow our own,'” Busch said.

Neither one of her roommates had hired a service. Busch waited for one of them to get home so they could approach the two men together.

But when they pulled back up, they saw the men driving away in a truck, with their lawn mower on top of a whole heap of other stuff.

They followed them briefly, but the driver swerved through traffic and lost them, and the lawnmower.

Busch said, "The lawn mower fell off and all the wheels broke, but we have our lawn mower back."

They still don't know what to think of the whole situation.

"Some of our neighbors noticed him peeping in some houses and lurking around,” Busch said. “I'm pretty sure he was just mowing the lawn to look like he was mowing and belonged."

A part of the front yard was mowed, but the side and back yard are not.

Busch said she wants all the neighbors to be on the lookout and check their property for anything that could be missing.