Family Reunited After SUV With Baby Inside Stolen From Tulsa QuikTrip

Tuesday, June 14th 2016, 5:08 pm
By: News On 6

A family is celebrating the safe return of their 7-month-old baby girl after thieves stole an SUV with the baby inside.

In the few seconds it took for the father to park and go inside a QuikTrip to pre-pay for gas, someone stole his SUV with his most precious cargo on board – his daughter, Adriana Gaines.

Gaines’ mother, Autumn Allen said, "Your whole heart is gone. That's your kid. You don't want anything to ever happen to them."

That's how Allen felt when she learned her baby girl was missing after thieves stole her boyfriend's car with Adriana still buckled into the back car seat.

"I panicked, I was scared. I thought something bad was going to happen to our baby," said father Arryson Gaines.

Gains said he went to pre-pay for gas at the QuikTrip at 49th and Peoria. He said he noticed two women in a car next to his, and when he came out they were gone, and so was his SUV.

“I left my car running on accident, careless mistake, with my daughter in the back," he said.

Stephanie Aldridge with Tulsa police sad, "They [police] arrived at the scene, established that there was a child in the car, gave the description to all sides of town."

Police said 15 to 20 minutes later they got an anonymous call saying there was a jeep parked, unattended, with a baby in the back seat, just a few blocks away near 49th and Utica.

Allen said, "He was like 'Okay, they found the car and she's in it, and she's safe.’"

Police said the SUV's air conditioner was still on and baby Adriana was unattended but okay.

“The baby was very lucky that the air was left running," Aldridge said.

"Cause it really could have ended any other way. I'm just glad that my baby is home," Allen said. "I was just really thankful that whoever took the car dropped her off."

Police officers have not made any arrests but are looking for two women they believe are connected to the theft.

Anyone with information is urged to call the police.