TPD: No Credible Threat Found At Tulsa Zoo; Will Reopen Tuesday

Monday, June 13th 2016, 9:48 am
By: Joseph Holloway

The Tulsa Zoo will reopen Tuesday after police say they found no evidence of a credible threat and the public has no reason to be concerned.

The Tulsa Zoo was closed Monday, as a precaution, after officials say an unspecified threat was called into police. Zoo leaders beefed up security and closed their doors for the day.

“The zoo takes all threats seriously,” said spokeswoman Ellen Averill. “We will continue to work cooperatively with the Tulsa Police Department to ensure the zoo remains a safe environment. As part of our commitment to the safety of our staff, our guests and our animals, the zoo is implementing additional security measures, including the number of security personnel on grounds.”

The zoo will open at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Tulsa police said they will continue to investigate.

Monday’s closure came as a surprise to some customers like Destinee Frazier was expecting a fun-filled day with her family.

"Better safe than sorry and I'm glad they're checking into the situation," she said.

When she got to the zoo, Frazier found locked gates, an empty parking lot and officers going up to patrons' cars telling them the zoo was closed.

Frazier said, "As he pulled up to mine, I thought to myself 'what's going on' and he said 'the zoo's closed today.'"

She says it was a huge disappointment for her family.

"Some friends and us, we were just coming out here to have fun, and it's perfect weather, and, unfortunately, that's what happened," Frazier said.
But, she said a day at the zoo isn't worth risking her kids' safety.

Officials said only essential zoo staff was allowed inside.