Truck Driver In Muskogee Road Rage Incident Being Defended By Some On Social Media

Thursday, June 2nd 2016, 7:28 pm
By: Tess Maune

Video shows a truck ram a car in the left-hand lane of Highway 62, sending it crashing into the right lane guard rail.

The Muskogee road rage incident has left many angered, but not all; some see nothing wrong with the potentially deadly example of road rage.

The law says the left-hand lane is for passing, which is exactly what the driver said he was doing, even going a few miles over the speed to pass a car, when the truck hit him.

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The video has generated a lot of opinions, but law enforcement said there is no excuse for what the driver of the pickup did.

“I was outraged about it,” Trooper Dwight Durant said.

Durant said he's never seen anything like it - a pickup truck tailgating a car in the passing lane, then ramming into the back of the car, causing it to spin out of control into a guardrail.

“That is almost equal to pulling out a gun on somebody,” he said. “You have assaulted somebody with a deadly weapon. Those people could have been killed.”

Those people were Noah Wilson and Gracie Bottger.

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They're the victims, but on social media you wouldn't know it because so many are blaming them for what happened, saying Wilson was driving too slow in the passing lane.

The law says the left lane is for passing, and if you're not keeping up with the flow of traffic you need to move over.

Wilson said he was trying to pass another car, not block traffic.

Looking back, Wilson said he would do things differently.

“I think I should have sped off and got around,” he said. “I just couldn't think at the time, he was so close and I was just worried.”

Durant said if an aggressive driver is following you, don't tap the brakes and don't slow down, instead, ignore them and get out of their way, because it's clear some drivers are capable of anything.

“Nobody deserves that,” Durant said. “What that guy in that pickup did was way over the line. The Highway Patrol will not tolerate it. It's unacceptable.”

Muskogee police are still looking for the driver of the pickup truck in the video. It's described as a dark red, new model four-door Dodge with an OU sticker on back.

Call police if you have any information.