Bristow Community Helping Family, Animal Rescue After Devastating Storm

Tuesday, May 24th 2016, 11:17 pm
By: News On 6

While some people northeast of Bristow are picking up the pieces of their homes, after a strong storm Tuesday afternoon, others are frantically searching for missing pets and livestock.

One family said they waited the storm out in their cellar after getting an alert from the News On 6 app.

Gary Roberts said when the alert came the wind wasn’t very strong, but by the time they made it to the cellar with the house pets, thing quickly intensified.

“We heard the wind pick up a little bit, glass started breaking, and then I just heard all the lumber just ripping apart and I knew what was going on," Roberts said.

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The family said when they came out they saw chaos, and found nearly 20 of their chickens dead, along with multiple ducks and rabbits, even a pony and a pot-bellied pig.

The family’s home is also used as a community animal rescue – they take in house and barn animals. At the time of the storm, they had nearly 100 animals on the property.

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They said the outpouring of support has been amazing, and that's one of the only things helping the family push forward.

Roberts said, "I think what I'm doing is try to focus on other things, you know, talking to them as they come out so they can help. I’m trying not to look over here very much now. My main concern is they are trying to find our cats, and I hope they survive, but it's a blessing to see them out here helping."

Fire officials said, so far, they've counted eight damaged homes and two people were injured - one was a dog bite and another was bumps and bruises.

Both will be OK.

As for the family, a lot of the animals are being kept by neighbors and friends.

At this point, they aren't sure where they are staying for the night, but they’re happy to be alive.