Tulsa Homeowner Finds Armed Robber In Garage

Thursday, May 19th 2016, 8:35 am
By: Joseph Holloway

Police are searching for two men who held a Tulsa man and his girlfriend at gunpoint and left with the man's pickup and several weapons.

"This was kind of a well thought-out robbery. It was not just a random crime of opportunity," said Tulsa Police officer Jeff Cash. 

A Tulsa man was getting ready to leave for work in the 5700 block of East 27th Street Thursday morning when he opened his garage to an unpleasant surprise.

"A suspect rolls out from underneath his truck, jumps up, sticks a gun in his face and orders him back into his garage," said officer Jeff Cash.

Police say the robber then let an accomplice inside, where they held the man and his girlfriend at gunpoint, forcing them to open a gun safe in another room. The two robbers left with the victim's Chevy pickup truck and other items, including three guns, one of which was an assault rifle.

Officer Jeff Cash says someone has broken into this home before.

"About 6 weeks ago, the victim's house was burglarized and the people went through the whole house," Cash said.

And since police say the robbers knew the victim had a gun safe, they think both cases could be related.

"There's a possibility that the problem that broke into his house were the people that robbed him today or maybe there's a possibility that the people that broke into his house told somebody," said Officers Jeff Cash.

The victim did not want to speak on camera but officers say he's frustrated that this keeps happening.

"You know, this guy looks like he can take care of himself but nobody wants to be pushed into their own house at gunpoint," said Officer Cash.

He says the two robbers left in the victim's 2013 Chevy Silverado, with tag numbers 608-KTK.