Surveillance Footage Shows Car Being Stolen In Tulsa

Thursday, May 12th 2016, 6:42 pm
By: News On 6

Thieves crashed a stolen car in front of our Griffin Communications building after a police chase on Wednesday.

So we tracked down surveillance video that shows the thief was just 20 feet away from the owner, but he never knew it.

"Charlie had just gotten to work and he was in a rush to get inside when he did something he never, ever does, he dropped the keys in the front seat and 10 seconds later, his car was gone."

The surveillance video shows Charlie getting out of his car and going inside. He has no idea a man walking up behind him, just 20 feet away, is about to steal his car.

The man takes a look inside and – jackpot – he sees the keys, hops inside, and before you know it, he and Charlie's car are gone.

"I looked out and said, where's my car? I came out and realized it was gone,” Charlie said.

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Charlie lives in Claremore, so his car if is lifeline to get back and forth to Tulsa for work.

He had no hopes of ever getting it back, but exactly one week after it was stolen, police called him.

The two men in it ran from police, then crashed it in front of the News On 6 studios and got away.

Charlie: "There was stuff in the vehicle I know definitely wasn't mine."
Reporter: "Like what?"
Charlie: “Pipes and syringes."

They crashed up the front-end of the car, knocked off the side mirror and tossed all Charlie’s personal belongings, but he's just glad to have it back. And despite what you might think, he's not mad.

"Very disappointing, but it happened,” he said. “Also, it's my fault, lesson learned. Moral of the story, never leave your keys in your car."

All that's left now is for someone to identify the thief.