Muldrow Teen Critically Hurt In ATV Wreck Goes To Prom

Sunday, May 8th 2016, 3:45 pm
By: News On 6

Two years ago Christian Mayberry was in a hospital bed barely able to speak or walk after an ATV accident near Muldrow.

But, on Saturday (May 7) he defied all of the odds by dancing at Muldrow High School’s prom.

“I have not worn a tux in a long time,” Christian said. “I'm sharp in it.”

Christian missed his junior and senior prom because he was in the hospital recovering from his accident.

“Everybody wants to go to prom when they're alive, right,” Christian asked. “Prom is going to be awesome.”

Riley Hughes was his date, and she actually asked him to go with her.

“Well, it's my senior prom, so this is the last one I’ll ever get to go, so it's really special already, but with Christian being with me it's just 10 times better because he deserves to have this opportunity just like everybody else,” Riley said.

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Hughes describes Christian as her best friend, and they were both excited about the same thing.

'Dancing because I know he's going to go crazy,” Riley said.

“Maybe waltz, I don't know how to waltz maybe a little bit but not perfect,” Christian said.

Riley said she's glad she gets to share this experience with Christian.

“It means a lot more because I know I’ll never get this chance again, so I’m just really going to take advantage of every moment of it,” Riley said.

Christian said it would be a night he'll remember forever.

''I'm going to have a blast,” Christian said. “I'm going to love it. I'm going to be dancing.”