Tulsa Man Shaken, Happy To Be Alive After Encounter With Armed Robbery Suspect

Thursday, May 5th 2016, 10:38 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa police say a man robbed a couple at gun point, stole their jeep and later tried to rob another person.

Arthur Taylor is in the Tulsa County jail facing three counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon. The third victim in his crime spree said the gun was just inches from his face.

Ray Guiltner said he’s shaken up, but happy to be alive.

“As I raised up, the gun came even closer," he explained.

Guiltner is an independent contractor who often works inside empty homes.

Early Thursday morning, he left the front door open while prepping in the back yard; that's when, he said, Taylor rushed through the door, with his gun raised, and demanded cash.

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"I went back, said ‘I'm getting my wallet.’ Pulled my wallet open, opened it up, showed there wasn't money, dropped it; I said ‘All I got is tools,’ I said I'm a working man, he said the 'F' word and left," Guiltner said.

Guiltner didn't know, but moments before that attempted robbery, police said Taylor robbed a couple and stole their jeep.

"What brought me a shock enough to call emergency what thinking he's going to do this to someone else," Guiltner said.

The police quickly found Taylor in the stolen jeep.

He tried to get away, but officers pepper-sprayed and arrested him.

Guiltner said, "Before they could complete my statement, they was already getting a notice that they had him on 11th."

With a gun in his face, Guiltner never thought to resist. He said he'll be more cautious in the future.

In addition to robbery with a dangerous weapon, Taylor also faces a charge for running from police. His bond is more than $300,000.