Wagoner County, Coweta Pelted With Hail During Friday Storm

Saturday, April 30th 2016, 10:12 pm
By: News On 6

Friday’s severe storms dropped baseball-sized hail, which caused damage to homes and shops in Coweta.

At least 25 county vehicles and emergency management vehicles in Wagoner County were pelted with hail damage. One of the marks shows at least softball-sized hail.

And the damage path goes all throughout the county.

"It was kind of scary," Coweta teenager Makenzie Stone said.

Families who live along Highway 51B raced to protect their cars and property once they heard hail crashing outside.

"I was sitting here, I heard a roaring sound, and then it started pouring rain and then little hail showed up and then giant hail," Makenzie said.

When the hail core passed through, the pea-sized to softball-sized stones crashed into windows, siding and even right through some homes.

"For instance, the siding here is damaged and also the window was broke,” neighbor Clive Jared said. “It's a two-glass window. It did not get rain inside. It bent all the guttering all around the house of course it sounded like the roof was going to fall in."

For Dustin Stone, he's happy no one was hurt.

“Fortunately, the damage... it's a pain, it's a headache, but I've got insurance, the kids were all protected,” he said. “A broken window and some holes in the roof, it can be fixed.”