Mother Of 2 Girls Killed In Tulsa Fire Hopes Suspect Is Acquitted

Sunday, April 24th 2016, 7:25 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa woman is set to stand trial in two weeks for the deaths of two little girls.

The mother of the young victims says she hopes the woman -- who is her sister -- is acquitted.

"I'm feeling overwhelmed, just hoping for a good outcome,” Keiahmiee Moses said. “I'm hoping my sister gets released and we can try to put our lives back together."

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Moses lost her two daughters in an apartment fire two years ago.

The 2- and 5-year-old girls were staying with their aunt -- Miashah Moses -- at the London Square Apartments when the apartment went up in flames in 2013.

“Distraught, I couldn't really think straight, just in total shock,” Keiahmiee said. “As it still is today."

Miashah Moses is charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the death of Keiahmiee's daughters.

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Investigators say the fire was caused by unattended food cooking on the stove.

Court documents show Miashah claimed she'd left to take out the trash and hadn't been gone more than 8 minutes.

However, documents show witness statements claiming Miashah was looking to get high--and was trying to buy weed from someone at the complex.

That's why the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office says she's accused of second-degree murder.

Her sister doesn't think that's fair.

“That was excessive for that, these are her nieces and my sister,” Keiahmiee said. “I feel like I don't have a say-so in anything that's going on, and I feel like maybe they're going off what everybody else thinks. But I'm their mother."

Keiahmiee said she's ready to heal. She's already lost enough and doesn't want to lose her sister, too.

We contacted Tulsa County DA Steve Kunzweiler, who sent us this statement:

"[The ADA] advised me that as recently as this past week the victim witness advocate assigned to the case talked at length with the mother and visited with her about her concerns," he said. "We will continue to visit with the victims' family and address any issues they have. This case is first and foremost about the lost lives of two small children who died while in the care of their aunt. Our focus will remain on them."