Tips For Tulsa Storm Victims To Easily Avoid Scammers

Thursday, April 7th 2016, 6:32 pm
By: News On 6

Scammers have been targeting Tulsa tornado victims. Only a week after the storm, we’ve already heard about unregistered roofers approaching homeowners.

The recovery process for victims can be overwhelming, but experts say you have to do your homework or else run the risk of getting scammed.

Mary Logan is in one of the hardest hit areas in north Tulsa. She said, since the storm, all kinds of people making promises have knocked on her door.

People promising repairs they can’t or won’t do is an all too common sight after a major storm.

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"Sign this document. We can do this, we can do that. See, they're catching you at your lowest peak," she said.

Just a few blocks away, roofing contractor John Carlucci has a job underway and said there are easy ways to make sure your contractor is legit.

"I would tell the customer don't be so quick to give money up front. I mean, not unless you knew the person. But if you don't know this person and you haven't checked out their credentials…I wouldn't trust that company at first," he said.

Licensed roofers and contractors can be found through the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board, or the CIB, and verified on their website.

Construction Industries Board

Carlucci said if the person trying to work on your home can't provide a license number or information, beware, especially if the deal sounds way too good.

"If it's too good to be true, forget it," he said.

As for Logan, she's staying extra cautious, “I just talk to my homeowners’ insurance people, nobody else."

She's already weathered one storm and said she doesn't need another.