Tulsa Mayor Tours Tornado Damage, Meets With Victims

Thursday, March 31st 2016, 8:16 pm

Wednesday’s storm started causing damage at about 46th Street North and Martin Luther King Boulevard in Tulsa.

It went east from there, along 46th, and left substantial damage a half mile away at Hartford.

The storm skipped across rooftops there, causing damage to taller buildings like churches and power lines and poles.

But down low plenty of homes have damage.

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Response teams from the power company and City set up to make repairs as fast as possible.

Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett walked around the neighborhood to talk with storm victims and make sure they were getting any help the city could make available.

"What you're seeing is how we respond in a very quick fashion and how the services from the City, the police department, fire department, PSO, we're all here to help," he said.

The City's first priority, beyond first responders, was to clear the streets so power crews could get in and work. PSO is rebuilding a major power line that runs along 46th Street, replacing poles and lines for almost a full mile.

With the cleanup in the early stages, the City hopes to coordinate some of the volunteer response and guide help to where it's needed most.

Already dozens of volunteers are in the area to clean up.

"I can say there's a lot of people working, citizens working to cut limbs down, clear the streets where trees are in the way," said Tulsa City Councilor Jack Henderson.

The storm left damage about a full city block wide through there, east and west along 46th Street, with homes in the middle of that taking the worst of it.