Owasso Residents Ride Out Tornado, Cleanup Begins

Thursday, March 31st 2016, 7:12 pm
By: News On 6

A lot of people in Owasso’s Stone Canyon neighborhood rode out Wednesday’s tornado in shelters or closets, including a Tulsa police officer and his family.

Tulsa police officer Jason Muse says he was watching News On 6 when he saw the tornado close by and knew it was time to get into that interior closet.

Outside, the force of it pushed his A/C units off the pad and something is missing from his backyard.

What once was a wooden play set, is now a bare patch of dirt, a sight that devastated his 5-year-old daughter.

"She put her hands on her head and said, my playset is gone,” Muse said.

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Similar examples can be seen all over the neighborhood.

From two blocks away, a trampoline and basketball goal went flying and were caught by this tree."

Glass is everywhere in a house down the street, in dresser drawers and even in the dishwasher after the tornado blew out three of the four front windows.

The storm curled up David Sevulveda’s  garage doors and blew out car windows inside.

He says they didn't hear the tornado so much as feel it.

"You're in a room and all the air got sucked out and your ears are popping, like in an airplane,” he said.

In the nick of time, he and his wife and two young daughters made it to their storm shelter tucked inside a bedroom closet.

One man was flying his drone as a way to help people check for roof damage as people all over Stone Canyon cleaned up and met with insurance adjusters.