TU's Shaquille Harrison Showcases Athleticism In Preparation For College Slam Dunk Contest

Wednesday, March 30th 2016, 6:14 pm
By: News On 6

Shaquille Harrison enjoyed slamming the rim this past year, so much that his coaches submitted a reel and now he’s in the College Slam Dunk contest. 

“I felt my vertical just increasing so I just try new things in practice and try them in a game,” Harrison stated. “It’s my senior year, so why not?”         

Now Harrison is thinking about what he has to do to win, but first, let’s go over the process.

“I like throwing it up and going after it, kind of like a self-hoop to myself and I can jump over people too,” Harrison explained.

He could use props. But what is Harrison’s favorite prop?

“I’d like a car, probably try to jump over a car,” said Harrison. Probably a Corolla, F-150, probably trip me up.”

He could also be creative like the professional players in the NBA Slam Dunk Challenge.

“To see guys like Zack Lavine and all them doing crazy dunks and Aaron Gordon, and it’s just amazing,” stated Harrison.

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When I asked Shaq if he likes dunking over props or people more, he said dunking over people. He then dunked over me. I was scared at first, but I think he’s got the track of this.

“I know he can win it because he’s too athletic not to,” said his former teammate James Woodard.

Short and simple, but he has to not only beat his competitors, he’s also got to show out for his brother Monte who excelled at dunking back home in Kansas City.

“Definitely got to put on for my younger brother Monte,” said Harrison.

Whatever the results, dunks like Harrison’s give him a great shot at finishing victorious.