Tulsa Company Moves Headquarters To Historic Downtown Building

Monday, March 28th 2016, 10:36 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa-based company has tripled its workforce and is now tripling its workspace.

Many people had proms and weddings at downtown Tulsa’s iconic Petroleum club; but after a massive fire gutted the top floors in 1994, it sat empty for years until Consumer Affairs remodeled it and moved in.

Standing 16 stories tall, the Petroleum Club building is a Tulsa icon with a deep history.

“It’s a unique space and a space that connected us to Tulsa and that is what this was about,” said Consumer Affairs CEO, Zac Carman.

More than 20 years after a devastating fire, the remodel to the top two floors allows for an open workspace and even some places to take a little break for the new Consumer Affairs headquarters.

“You spend so much time at work, so why not make it awesome,” said COO Eric Jenkins.

Like most cities, the future of Tulsa's economy is uncertain; but at Consumer Affairs, they’re staying positive and said they have the ability to fill up to six floors of the building to expand.

Carman said, “There are 30,000 companies that should be our clients, and we are at 250 today; so it’s about adding more clients over time.”

The web-based business helps consumers and companies make wise purchases, mainly fueled by user-generated reviews.

“One of our big goals, as a business, is to become a household brand and change the landscape of Tulsa,” Carman said.

While helping diversify the economy of the city.

“The fact we can take an old iconic facility like Petroleum Club and make it new and exciting really speaks to what we are trying to do as an organization,” said Jenkins.

With the top two floors done, they plan to start remodeling on the third floor this summer. They have the ability to expand all the way into the top six floors of the building.