Vision Tulsa Tax Extension Broken Into Three Individual Parts

Tuesday, March 15th 2016, 11:05 pm
By: News On 6

Vision Tulsa is a tax proposition that totals nearly $885 million, but it's broken down into three parts so you can vote on them separately.

The first part is public safety. About $270 million would be directed to public safety - $202 million to police, $70 million to fire.

The money would pay for hiring 160 new police officers and 65 new firefighters.

The second proposition is transportation, totaling $102 million. That money would fund two new bus transit routes, a downtown Tulsa loop, a midtown loop and more.

The third proposition of economic development is the most cumbersome, coming in at $510 million.

A large part of the proposition would develop the Arkansas River, adding public access to the river, preserving trails and recreation areas, modifying the Zink Dam and building a new low-water dam in Jenks.

Tulsa County voters can cast ballots for Vision Tulsa.

The propositions would not raise taxes, but would extend the already existing Vision 2025 sales tax.


Final Vision Proposal: