Rustic Cuff Founder And Fans Brighten Days Of Breast Cancer Patients

Thursday, March 10th 2016, 9:19 am

When undergoing treatment for cancer, each day can be a challenge.  But here's a special push underway to help brighten the day for some local patients. 

It's always a busy time leading up to the birth of a baby. It was no different for 34-year-old Alisha Sellers - except, at the beginning of her third trimester, she felt a lump in her breast. The doctors weren't too concerned, thinking it may have been due to the pregnancy. But after she gave birth to little Kaid, the lump was still there and much bigger. 

It turned out to be cancer.
"It didn't even cross our minds that it was cancer. It didn't even dawn on us that that could be it," Alisha said.
Now Alisha comes for chemo at Oklahoma Cancer Specialists. The doctor has told her it's stage four, and they are treating it aggressively. But despite the diagnosis, her faith remains unwavering.
"I look at other people and consider my demeanor - like you said -compared to others who are in a similar situation, and the only difference I can see is my faith," she said. 

"Because I know I have hope, I've got strength from my family and my church and people praying all over the world, and it makes the difference."
During a recent treatment, Alisha got quite the surprise. The founder of Rustic Cuff, Jill Donovan stopped by to give Alisha a special cuff. 

"Oh my goodness! What an honor," Alisha said.

 "You are beautiful.  May I sit down?" Jill asked.

Last fall, Jill challenged some of her fans to donate to help in the fight against breast cancer.  Not only did they raise $50,000 for Oklahoma Project Woman, but also donated 500 bracelets to be given to patients like Alisha. Members of the Addicted to Cuff's group also were challenged to send in cards to be given out with the bracelets.

"The crazy outpouring of cards that came and the amount of bracelets that sold within minutes was, I don't want to say shocking because nothing that group does shocks me, but it is overwhelming and it makes you want to do something like that continually because there are so many people that benefit from it," said Rustic Cuff founder Jill Donovan. 

"Being here today, I can see so many people that will benefit from all the people that are giving their love - and they don't even know who they are giving it to."

"You and I both know there are those bad days during treatment and what a nice little pick me up, and I think that's absolutely what Jill had in mind when she gave us those bracelets," said Anne Bogie, Oklahoma Project Woman.
For Alisha, her battle continues but she has a few more warriors on her side, all because of a little bracelet.

That $50,000 donation to Oklahoma Project Woman will help provide breast healthcare for uninsured patients in Oklahoma - things like mammograms, biopsies and surgeries.

Learn more at Oklahoma Project Woman.