Oologah Woman Turns Old Car Parts Into Home Decor

Tuesday, March 8th 2016, 8:45 pm
By: News On 6

Home decor is often about old things becoming new again. And one Oologah woman is doing just that, by turning car parts into coffee tables.

Brandee Frost is in the final stages of turning a small block Chevy engine into a table. Once she’s done, it’ll be shipped to a guy in Texas.

"My mission is to build stuff that the wife will let into the living room," Frost said.

Attractive enough, she said, that it doesn't have to end up in a ‘man cave’ somewhere.

In her own living room, she has a coffee table that combines some connecting rods, a cam shaft and some differential gears.

She said, right now, most of her customers are northeast, and sales have been booming the last few months.

"I think Christmas time all the girls ordered for their boyfriends, and I put fliers in, and now all those boyfriends wanna see what else I made," Frost said.

She makes clocks, lamps and all kinds of odds and ends out of car parts she cleans up and re-purposes.

You can find more information about Frost Auto Décor online.