Tulsa County Sees Record Turnout On Super Tuesday

Wednesday, March 2nd 2016, 5:34 pm
By: News On 6

More than 40 percent of Tulsa County voters showed up to the polls to vote on Super Tuesday. In fact, statewide there was record voter turnout.

There are about 327,000 registered voters in Tulsa County and more than 100,000 showed up to the polls to cast their vote.

After a mad rush on Super Tuesday, the Tulsa County election board was quiet Wednesday.

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Voter David Flowers came to the election board Wednesday to update his voter registration.

"I hadn't changed my address on my voter registration, and because of that I wasn't able to vote yesterday and I'm kind of disappointed," he said.

Flowers hoped to be one of the more than 100,000 voters to show up to the primary Tuesday; a huge turnout compared to recent years.

Tulsa County Election Board

Patty Bryant, the Tulsa County election board secretary, said a typical election gets about 17 to 18 percent of voters.

"This was really an exciting election for us," she said. "Well, overall we had about a 44 percent turnout of the registered voters. There's roughly 327,000 registered voters in Tulsa County."

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She said some of the increased turnout could be attributed to Independents voting.

"Yesterday was unusual because the Democratic Party let the Independent voters to vote on their ballot," she said.

That was a huge point of contention at the polls, voters did not understand the laws behind the decision.

"Republicans have not allowed that yet, but again, that's a state issue. The state parties corresponded with the state election board to allow that," Bryant said.

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Some voters still questioned the new rule Wednesday.

As for Flowers, he said he doesn't take the right to vote for granted.

“That's one thing I tell people who are hesitant to do it, is that many people would love to if they could," he said.

He said he'll be ready to cast his ballot the next time an election rolls around.

Oklahoma Election Board

The election board said the next time you head out to vote, make sure you check on your polling location and if your voter information is up to date.