Ted Cruz Wins Oklahoma Primary On Super Tuesday

Tuesday, March 1st 2016, 9:17 pm
By: News On 6

Republican Candidate Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump and Marco Rubio to win the Oklahoma presidential primary on Super Tuesday. Cruz received 34 percent or 157,941 votes. Trump had 28 percent of the vote or 130,141.

Rubio ended the night with 119,562 votes for 26 percent.

Tulsa County Republican Chairman Michael Ford says it's no surprise; he predicted it would be between Cruz and GOP candidate Donald Trump.

CBS News also projects Cruz to win Texas.

This past weekend, Cruz made an appearance in Tulsa and Oklahoma City where he rallied supporters and discussed his plans for the future of the United States if he's elected president.

He also stated that his campaign is the only one that can beat Trump. Cruz also won his home state of Texas.

"Oklahoma has an opportunity - has a voice for the nation," said Cruz. "Pick up the phone, call your friends. Pick up the phone, call your family. Say this election matters, [and] come out and vote on Tuesday. Stand together for Oklahoma. Stand together for freedom."

Trump won six states during the string of contests known as Super Tuesday.

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Cruz also spoke at the Oral Roberts Mabee Center back in December. During his speech, he received standing ovations when he talked about big government and abolishing the IRS and the Department of Education.

Many Christians across the country back Cruz, and with Oklahoma being part of the Bible Belt it makes sense for him to finish over Trump in the Republican race for Oklahoma.

That's not the only factor that comes into Cruz's win. Rallying the support of Congressman Jim Bridenstine likely helped him get a number of those votes as well.

"He had somewhat of a backyard advantage to a certain extent," said Ford. "He's got some family members here. He's also got Oklahoma's most popular congressman Jim Bridenstine for him, and he has a very high approval rating. A lot of people like him. Bridenstine carries a big stick."

Trump won Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. Speaking earlier Tuesday in Florida, Trump insisted that he has "expanded the Republican party," saying he is responsible for higher voter turnout in the primary states.

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