Million-Dollar Park Coming To Jenks Main Street

Wednesday, October 7th 2015, 11:07 pm
By: News On 6

Main Street in Jenks is about to get much greener. The city council approved a million-dollar park this week on land owned by Jenks Public Schools.

City leaders said it'll bring something new to the downtown area.

It's a parking lot now, but soon there will be green grass, dozens of trees, a stage and, of course, lots of people enjoying the green space.

As you drive on Main Street in Jenks, you'll find antique stores, restaurants and several specialty shops.

The Pink Lily owner, Sherrie Bonner, said she's seen progress downtown since opening her store five years ago.

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"I've seen more traffic since they have redone our street, south of First and Main,” she said.

Even more people will be headed her direction when the million-dollar park opens just a few blocks away.

"It'll be more parking in Jenks. It'll be great for the kids and family, and we need that," Bonner said.

Assistant City Manager, Christopher Shrout, said, "When people come for a football game, or a swim meet, or come to the planetarium, then they have this park right here that's lead them to downtown."

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The parking lot on A Street, across from Jenks High School, between Second and Third Street will be taken out.

The park will include a large lawn, a stage to host events, bike racks, public restrooms and about 30 parking spaces. The city will add more parking spaces downtown to make up for the loss.

A lot holding 15 will be added by the post office; and another lot, which can hold 57 vehicles, will go in by the railroad tracks.

"It'll be good for the businesses for the school. It will be a win/win for everybody." Shrout said.

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The Oklahoma Aquarium draws hundreds of thousands each year, with the new outlet mall coming soon and a golf-themed entertainment venue opening up at the RiverWalk Crossing,  the city expects even more visitors.

"All of this is within a mile, and this park is a place that people can come and let their kids play, walk their dog while they are visiting all these other facilities," Shrout said.

The park will add a splash of color to the downtown scenery and be the future site of many events.

During the past, Main Street has been shut down for events, but now the plan is to have them here and shut down Second Street so people still can park in front of all the businesses a block over on Main.